Franchise Opportunity – Why Listo?

“Currently we are looking to concentrate our growth efforts in the States of California, Arizona, Texas and Miami. For the right individual we would consider areas outside of these states. We are primarily looking for those with the goal to open multiple locations rather than just a single unit. If financially a single unit is someone’s only option, then based on their business background and qualifications we would consider granting a single unit license.”Founder: Clayton Cathcart, EA

Franchise Profile Sheet

Listo Tax Solutions starting franchising in 2009 with the intent to restore integrity to the tax industry. We believe offering multiple, professional services allows a Franchisee to stay open all year. Generating year round income helps Franchisee’s reach their goal of business ownership and financial freedom.

Our growth is carefully crafted around those wanting to find freedom of business ownership while serving those in need of professional financial assistance. Long term clients are the key to Listo’s success. We are looking for those that want to put the client first for a stronger future.

Current Information

  • Established – 1996
  • Began Franchising – 2009
  • Franchised Units Open – 4
  • Company Owned Units Open – 1
  • Franchised Units Sold, Not Open – 3
  • Projected New Units for 2015 and 2016 – 12
  • States Currently Open – California, Florida, Texas, Oregon

Key Advantages

  • Year Round Income Opportunities
  • Unique Market Segment
  • Upscale Image & Appearance
  • Recession Resistant – (grew during the recession)
  • Proven Business Model
  • Easy to Use System – (No Tax or Accounting Knowledge Necessary)
  • Customizable & Extensive Marketing Material
  • Video Based Training
  • Off Site Remote Support

Franchise Site Requirements

  • 900-1200 Square Feet Retail Location (or similar)

Number of Employees

  • Minimum 2 per office
  • 3-4 Average


  • Franchise Fee First Unit – $20,000
    • If Purchased at the Same Time:
    • Franchise Fee Second Unit – $17,000
    • Franchise Fee Third Unit – $13,000
  • Royalty – 11.5%
  • Marketing Fund – 3%
  • Technology Fee – $375 a month
  • Estimated Cash Needed – $50,000
  • Estimated Total Investment – $90,000
    • Breakdown of Investment:
    • $15,000 Furniture
    • $5,400 Computers
    • $49,600 rent, signage, staffing and miscellaneous supplies
    • $20,000 Franchise Fee
  • Site Selection Assistance – Included

Training and Support

The Initial Training Program covers a variety of topics relevant to the franchise relationship including a review of your contractual duties under the Franchise Agreement; the philosophy and culture of the Listo Tax Solutions™ System; client service; use and protection of the Listo Tax Solutions™ Licensed Marks and Confidential Manual; hiring and delegation of operating functions to management-level employees including the Operations Manager; and reporting obligations. We hold the Initial Training Program at an operating Listo Tax Solutions™ business center that we designate.

After the initial training we have extensive ongoing training that is available 24 hours a day through our private site: Listo Complete Access.

Training Includes:

  • 40 hours of in person initial training
  • Step By Step Opening & Operating Guides
  • Online continued video training for all aspects of Listo
  • Online IRS approved tax training
  • On Site training for an additional fee

Innovative interactive support is available through Listo Complete Access as well as support by phone, live chat and email.

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