Below are frequently asked questions regarding the Listo Tax Solutions Franchise opportunity. Click on the arrow of any topic to see the answer:

What is Listo's market segment?
Listo Tax Solutions markets to the entire population, but we encourage our franchisee’s to market to the Hispanic population upon opening. This is because the Hispanic population is generally underserved. The tax industry can be very competitive and we find our competitors are not well equipped to market to this segment. By marketing to the Hispanic population first, a Listo franchise can establish a market niche to grow from. As an added bonus, we also in general find reduced marketing costs. 
When can I expect a return of my investment?
With a Listo franchise you will find that we try to be extremely realistic with your income potential. We are primarily in the business of building relationships. It takes time to get clients to trust you with their personal finances. We expect the first year of operation to be an investment year, this is why we ask that you have access to $90k in capital. We do not want a franchisee to be underfunded.

After the first year of investing, our goal for a Listo office is to break even by their second year. For the third year our goal is for a Listo office to start making money. Of course these goals will completely depend on the ability of the franchisee to effectively implement our system and represent our services with integrity, efficiency and accuracy. This is a long term business that has proven to do very well over the long term.

Do I have to speak Spanish?
Definitely not, if you can hire someone to speak Spanish, then you can take advantage of our marketing program in Spanish. Even if you can’t hire someone who speaks Spanish, ultimately everyone needs financial help and we market to all segments.
I don't have financial training, can I do this franchise?
Yes, we provide all training to insure you have the ability to provide the services we offer. No prior experience is necessary. We have innovative follow up training and support that is available 24 hours a day. This training and support utilizes forums, instant chats, phone, step by step video instruction, remote instant support access, online meetings and testing to insure competency.
Do you assist with site selection?
Yes, we are very involved with site selection assistance and help you find the best possible location. In general we have you select three possible locations that you would consider to be an ideal spot for a Listo office. We then conduct the demographic research for you and provide a worksheet showing you the pros and cons of each location you chose. If none of those work, we have you select three more and repeat the process until you are comfortable with the final decision. 
When is the best time of year to open?
A Listo Tax Solutions franchise is a long term business, because of this you can open any time during the year. However, if you are looking to have a more successful first tax season, then we encourage offices to be open by November 1st.

We have had offices open in late January, proving that any time is possible for a successful opening. However, to have a stronger first year, you need time to build relationships.

What are the costs of this franchise?
Our current franchise fee for one unit is $20,000. The franchise fee allows the option to offer all of our services (tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, insurance, translation and consulting services) in order to potentially generate year round income. Additionally we have a royalty payment of 11.5% and a brand building fund of 3%. Our fee’s are significantly less than our largest competitors. All fee’s are discussed in detail in our FDD (Federal Disclosure Document).
What is the total investment to open a Listo office?
The total investment necessary to begin operations of a Listo business ranges from $51,100 to $106,400. The breakdown of what that investment goes towards is as follows:

  • $15,000 for Furniture
  • $5,400 for Computers
  • $10,700 – $66,000 for rent, signage, staffing and miscellaneous supplies
  • $20,000 franchise fee

We anticipate that you will need at least $50,000 in cash to begin operations. The additional estimated funds can be obtained through other financing methods.