Bookkeeping should be more than just gathering your business information to prepare the end of year tax return.  While this is necessary, a competent bookkeeper should do much more than that.  We believe in providing your company with the information necessary to make those tough daily business decisions that will enable it to flourish.

We provide you with the reports that enable you to see a clear picture of your businesses financial outlook.

By having these reports ready on a timely manner, you will be able to make changes that will affect your bottom line immediately, rather than months later.

Choose whether you need the reports monthly or more frequently.

Some of the bookkeeping services we provide are:

  1. Processing and filing of Federal, State and Local required applications and documents.
  2. Receiving, processing, reviewing and paying bills as they come in.
  3. Managing cash flow, collecting receivables, reconciling all accounts and maintaining daily account balances.
  4. Weekly and monthly review of financial statements with management on a timely manner.
  5. Complete audits conducted by SAIF, IRS, State and other agencies on behalf of the client.

Additional services are available.  We save you the cost of an internal accountant, and you receive the resources and knowledge of our entire firm.

We are ready to assist your company in becoming a financial success!

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